Plan to Succeed

Plan to Succeed

Everyone is familiar with goal setting, especially those committed to their health and fitness. In fact, every new year sees millions of people from around the world set health and fitness goals as part of their new year’s resolution. But, what does it mean to have a goal? Well, a goal is an idea of the future or desired result that a person or a group of people envision, plans and commits to achieve. Yet, the large majority of us never achieve the goals we set ourselves. Why? Well firstly the answer isn’t black and white as there can be numerous reasons that determine your success in achieving your goals. Today, we will discuss how goals often fail due to lack of planning.

‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’

One of the biggest failures people make when setting goals is a failure to plan. ‘Goal Setting’ and ‘Goal Reaching’ are not necessarily the same thing. A goal is only reached through a plan for reaching it. People set themselves goals all the time: “I will learn a new language”, I will lose weight”, I will PB my deadlift” and so on. However, very few derive a plan on how exactly they will reach their goals. If we want to get somewhere, we must have a plan for doing so. Otherwise we’re either going to stay where we are, or we’re going to end up in some place we didn’t plan on ending up in.

‘One of these days’

“One of these days I will have a six pack”, “One of these days I will run the marathon”, “One of these days I will be successful”. This is great! Having a positive attitude / mindset and telling yourself you will achieve something amazing is a step in the right direction. However, ‘One of these days’ soon becomes ‘none of these days. To prevent this from happening you need a plan! A gradual, systematic, step by step plan for reaching your goal will dramatically increase your chances of achieving your desired goal. Sure, a plan doesn’t guarantee success, but at least your planning to succeed, and as the saying goes “failure to plan, is planning to fail”.


  • Having wishes, dreams and hopes is great! Its what keep us motivated. However, wishes, dreams and hopes are not strategies and will remain only wishes, dreams, and hopes and never reality.
  • Goals turns wishes, dreams and hopes into commitments. You commit yourself to achieving what you set out to achieve.
  • Goals often fail due to a lack of planning.
  • Planning significantly increases your chance of hitting your goals as they put you on a guided path in the right direction.