The Winter is a Horrible Time to Bike…

The Winter is a Horrible Time to Bike…

It’s dark

It’s cold

It’s dangerous.

And sweating it out on your turbo trainer in the garage isn’t much better.

Why not try something different and actually more effective this winter?

For the last 5 years we’ve run a Cycling Specific Strength & Conditioning Programme on Tuesday nights.

We started it because we saw that there’s a huge number of very motivated cyclists in Poole that want to get better….

…they’re riding loads and slogging through the long winter building “base mileage” to increase their speed come summer time.

But unfortunately they find that when the sun comes out again…they’re still slow.

It’s not through lack of effort, they did the mileage…but they were just working a system in the body that is already well developed.

You’ll have heard about the law of diminishing returns…

…the better the level of a variable, the harder it is to get the same percentage improvement from your effort.

So you’re working crazy hard to make a tiny change.

But there’s a seemingly untapped variable that could produce a massive change for a relatively low work level:

We saw that none of these riders were doing any strength training….often for fear of getting “bulky” and adding weight that they had to drag up the hills with them.

A totally understandable fear…….

….One that we take seriously when we write our programs.

But it’s very easy to work around if you know what you’re doing.

We’ve found ways to add significant strength and power output without adding any extra body weight.

So your Watts/kg and therefore, Speed, increases…..especially on the hard sections up hills.

Which means you can push on and dominate the sections of your summer rides that would normally humble you to the back of the pack.

You can finally wipe a few smiles off smug faces!

We start the 8 week fully coached program on Tuesday 30th of October. Sessions will run at 7:15pm for an hour and we only have 12 places available.

So if you’re ready to make a big increase to your speed this winter, no matter what your experience of strength training, you can find out more and apply for your spot for just £119 by clicking the link and completing the application form:

It could be the thing that opens up a new level of speed for you next year.