The Steely look of Determination when Doubt has Disappeared

The Steely look of Determination when Doubt has Disappeared

There’s lots of physical reasons why strength training is awesome for you: it turns up your metabolism, it’s a potent stimulus for change in body shape, it makes life easier cos you’re strong AF….

But the mental reasons for strength training might be even more important.

I thought the look on Nikki’s face as she finished this deadlift summed them up perfectly….

The confidence and determination that we see developed when our members systematically and consistently push themselves just beyond their comfort zone and current ability is astounding.

To complete the session and lift the weight that is right there in front of you requires a focus that is rarely provided these days….

….all the distractions of the day are cleared for that moment.

You’ve got to get your head in the game and focus on this and only this…or you won’t get it.

There’s no point building excuses or distractions, they will only hold you back….now is the time for building confidence and success.

Everyone you’re with right now wants you to do it, believes you can do it….you just need to get on board with them and enjoy the ride.

And let it change you….

Because the feeling of getting that lift is one of the few positive high’s that have no downside.

It’s clear evidence that the hard work you’ve committed so far has delivered and you’ve moved forwards.

When was the last time you had that feeling so clearly laid out for you?

How good do you think it would feel to have that weekly or daily?

How far do you think you could go when you’re powered by that kind of positive emotion?…

….A long, LONG way….