Katy’s 2018 Progress has been Amazing!

Katy’s 2018 Progress has been Amazing!

Katy’s story is an awesome insight into to solving the problems that we see so much at the moment ????

⚠️ Massive Confusion and mis-information on the internet ❌

⚠️ Huge Pressure from social media to conform to a certain look or style of training ❌

⚠️ Fads and short term fixes that separate you from your friends & family while you cut everything out of your diet and life ❌

⚠️A lot of hard work going in, but zero results coming out ❌

And all it leads to is huge amounts of confusion and frustration without actually getting you anywhere at all.

Katy was training 2 times per day, for hours on end, at all times of the day and night in 24 hour gyms to try to make progress before she joined TeamCC.

But she was getting nowhere except tired, frustrated and constantly busy.

There would be short term progress, but it was unsustainable and each time it didn’t stick, it made the whole situation worse.

✅Once she joined our Strongirl Solution program she found the structure, accountability, support, guidance and effectiveness of the program was exactly what she needed ????

⭐️Being able to book the sessions into her week around a busy travelling schedule for work helped make sure she got to the gym.

⭐️The training program showed her exactly what to do every session and being coached through the process of getting better each day all became big success drivers for her.

⭐️ The nutrition system was realistic, simple to follow and could be eaten with others without separation. ⭐️And the results started coming…they kept coming each month… and a year later they’re still coming.

???? Now she’s reached the point that we’re trying to get all our members to…

…The point where she’s so happy with her body that she doesn’t worry about it anymore, she just trains because it’s with her friends and it makes her feel great and anchors her mood on something positive ????

Find out more and follow the same journey in 2019 here:https://conditioningcentre.clickfunnels.com/28daykickstarttrial