“The Moment”

“The Moment”

There is one in every great training session.

The moment when it’s time to go.

The time to put up or shut up.

Put your money where your mouth is.

And leave it all in the gym.

You lift a weight you’ve never lifted.

Hit a rep you’ve never reached before.

Make a time you’ve never made before.

But it’s not the moment in the end, when you sit there with or without the achievement.

It comes just before then.

The moment when everything is telling you no.

When your brain wants to quit.

When your body feels weak.

When your lungs feel as if they’re made of leather.

And when your heart is thumping out your chest.

The moment when you have to put it all to one side and tell yourself to keep going.

Push through and be better than you’ve ever been.

These are the moments where you decide to stay as you are today.

Or decide to never be the same again.

It’s only ever a decision.

And it’s only ever you vs you.

You decide when you get better.

And you decide when you stay the same.

What’s your decision?