Eating Clean but still Fat?

Eating Clean but still Fat?

(Well…fatter than you’d like anyway)

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had a couple of our guys from both the Inner Circle and the gym ask us about their body composition.

Why the fat isn’t falling off as fast as they’d like.

(This will happen to everyone at some point, so don’t stress if it sometimes happens to you).

You just have to perform an objective evaluation of your daily behaviour to see if it fits with your goals……

How do you do that?

We follow this checklist that pretty much always leads us to the cause of the problem(s): How much are you training? What kind of training? Record what you eat for the next 3 days and let’s take a look: If the food looks right proceed to point (a): How much sleep are you getting? What does your working day look like? Would you say you were stressed at work or at home?

If the food doesn’t look right for their goals we find out if it’s one or more of the following things, proceed to point (d): What’s the Value of your food: Does it provide actual value to the body? Or is it crap? What Variety is there in your food: What are your macros…are you having too much/little of either Protein, Fat or Carbs? What’s the volume of your food: Is this appropriate for your goals? How many days out of 7 is your food on point? If you answer these questions honestly, the solution should reveal itself.

When people are just getting started with us we tend to spend our time focusing on the answers to questions 1, 2 and point (d).

This is the kind of stuff that helps people make huge progress.

Get the training right for your goals and then get the Value (quality) of your food right and your body will LOVE you for it.

You’ll see and feel changes within days.

But the guys who asked me about their body composition recently were struggling with point (f).

They were eating clean, but just way too much for them to lose weight.

3000 clean calories is still 3000 calories and if you’re trying to lose weight, but it isn’t happening, you still need to manage calories to some extent.

Don’t get too caught up in clean food to forget about the volume of food. We see it a lot and it’ll ruin your progress.

We set our guys straight and are now checking to see how it’s affecting their progress….I know it’ll be good.

If you’re struggling to make the progress you want, whether you’re new to training or have been lifting for years, and want to complete the Nutrition Checklist above and get us to look over your questions you can.

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