How our Training Split will work for you

How our Training Split will work for you

Glad to see you’re still reading…

….looks like you’re not interested in crazy pills and potions and we can actually get along and figure out the best way for you to make real progress in your body, life and health.

We talked about the wider context of stress and looking after yourself yesterday….critical shit right there.

Now let’s get back into the training again to make sure you’re getting that right too….

What’s the best way to get real changes to your body….while fitting it into your life?

—->I’m a big fan of the Upper/Lower split.

I base most of my programs on it and I’ve seen it work over and over again.

(I’m not saying a body part split won’t work for you, but it takes more time and isn’t really how we want to build athletic strong and fast mother fucker’s.)

Ideally if you’re training to get bigger and stronger as a priority you’ll do a 4 day split of Heavy Upper, Heavy Lower, Volume Upper, Volume Lower across the week……

…..You get plenty of chance to get stronger and then get a big pump to help with the size gain. While also giving you chance to recover.

If you want some more conditioning or fat loss or you play a sport you should do Heavy Upper, Heavy Lower, Volume Upper, Conditioning or Sport……You will want 2 conditioning or sports sessions in the week to get the best balance.

This layout works because your legs get the strength stimulus they need and then sports specific or volume stimulus from the conditioning work.

If you’re only training twice per week you’re gonna need to do 2 full body sessions to get the frequency of stimulus to the muscles.

This is exactly how we lay out the No Excuses program for the guys who train on our online Inner Circle.

A lot of them play sports like Rugby and Tennis and need some flexibility in their program around fixtures.

They get programs for all 3 options each month emailed to them to make sure they can continue to train consistently and make massive progress whatever is going on in their lives.

Every month they get bigger, stronger and faster….