Why do we do Team Training?

Why do we do Team Training?

Why do we do Team Training Transformations?

Firstly…you’re probably wondering what Team Training is?

Our Team Training program is about building training, nutrition and health back into your life…

….it’s about helping you get out of the sluggish rut you’re in right now ….it’s about providing the structure and support that you need to make real progress ….it’s about rapidly boosting your fitness and showing you results for your hard work

and it’s about making sure you have a good time doing it.

Fundamentally we want to help you create the body and fitness that you desire.

The thing is….people think this is a quick fix type thing….because InstaSham tells them so.

But we all know that in reality some changes are fast, like your energy levels raising and your sleep quality improving within a couple of days of following our meal guide.

Other changes take a little longer….like your body shedding the extra water and weight when it stops having to deal with food that it doesn’t react well to….that happens over the first couple of weeks.

The effect of the extra exercise and nutrition changes your body shape within a month.

And the massive feeling of accomplishment that you get from feeling fitter and like you’re getting to grips with this whole Training thing will come shortly after that…

One day you’ll just feel so good about it all and wonder why…..

It’ll be because you were able to push yourself for the whole session, your head and heart were completely in it and you’ll feel epic when you’re recovering with your friends at the end of the session.

And then the real habits and lifestyle changes will start to be solidified….

You’ll start to see yourself as someone who trains…

…as someone who looks after themselves and cares about feeling great daily (not good after eating some comfort food and then terrible for the rest of the day)… actually happy pretty much all the time because you’re moving forwards.

You’ll look back over the previous 6 weeks and see how far you’ve come…

…how much your confidence has increased …how much more you get done in the day …how much you’ve changed your shape …how the hard work was all part of the process….without that you really wouldn’t have stuck to it (it’s kinda backwards in that way).

And that you’re looking forward to the next session….for the next chance to create change and move forwards.

At that point you might even be looking for the next step….and we’ll be excited to offer it to you.

You’ll be ready to move into our more advanced programs like No Excuses (Girls or Boys) to really push the results you get forwards and take your training up a notch.

You’ll be ready to push your strength, power and fitness and we’ll be there to guide you through the whole thing.

This is why we have our Team Training Transformation program…to set you up for success and show you what you can really do when you get stuck in to something fulfils your needs.

Why not get involved now: https://conditioningcentre.wufoo.com/forms/z1y1t1s20hob2of/