The Perfect way to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

The Perfect way to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

I get asked about this all the time…

…usually by someone looking for a silver bullet…which to the real world actually means…

“How do I do exactly the same stuff as I do right now, but lose fat and build muscle just by talking about it?”

Unfortunately you’re not gonna get anywhere taking that approach.

You’ve gotta decide that you’re ready to make an actual change that improves your life….but I digress…

Last night I think we were hitting the nail on the head in the training session we did with the guys on the transformation program.

Essentially to achieve our muscle building and calorie burning goals we need to look after a few critical things:

  1. Heavy enough weight
  2. Using a large number of muscles and body parts
  3. For a long enough time under load

To cause a big stimulus for the body to change…

It also helps if the exercise is reasonably simple to do, so anyone can do it whatever their level of training experience

…If we get this right like I know we did last night….. you’ll get a big muscle building stimulus that looks after your size and strength and a long lasting calorie burning effect for the next 24+ hours.

So you’ll be getting leaner and building muscle long after you leave the gym.

“What’s the exercise?” I hear you asking…

…In this case it was the Hip Thrust for sets of 8, 12, 16 and 20 taking a little weight off each set.

But we have a load of exercises like this covering the whole body in our programs.

The idea being we give you a guaranteed system for burning off the extra fat while building muscle and strength whatever your gym experience.

The No Excuses program in the Inner Circle does exactly that.

It’ll make you an athletic son of a gun in a matter of months.

And be that guy that everyone asks about their training because you look so damn good!