The Hardest Session Yet

The Hardest Session Yet

Team Training Session from Russell Jolley on Vimeo.

===”The Hardest Session Yet”===

Ian sat down in a dark room to focus his mind on creating something new….

…something special….

….something that would push even our most experienced members further than they have before.

——And he SMASHED It——

He created our new “Twister” format Team Training session.

It’s the sort of session that allows people of all abilities to push themselves beyond what they thought they could do.

So they keep progressing and getting results….

….and they keep enjoying the new challenges thrown into it.

And from the outside it looked awesome!

This is one of the 5 Twisters in the session….everyone working….everyone pushing themselves….and everyone breaking new ground.

Wins all round.

You could be doing it next week if you’re ready for a new challenge. Just click here and apply:

Cheers Russ.