Jake Lost 5% Bodyfat and 3 Inches Off His Waist in 8 Weeks

Before and after image of body transformation

Jake Lost 5% Bodyfat and 3 Inches Off His Waist in 8 Weeks

Jake’s 8 Week Body Transformation on No Excuses in our Bournemouth Gym was awesome – 5% Body fat and 3 Inches off his waist gone!

And he did this while being busy working between Poole and London, so it wasn’t all straightforward either.


To my mind, there were 3 big things that drove this transformation for him:

  1. A Big Goal….he was getting married on a beach in 10 weeks time. So he had a pressing and important target to hit.
  2. Accountability…he needed someone to make sure he kept to the plan. He needed sessions with a coach and weekly check-ins to make sure he was progressing at the right pace.
  3. A Proven Program…he was busy and short on time. Just “working out” wasn’t going to cut it. He needed to Train….to follow a proven program that would help him build muscle and strength while burning off the extra body fat.


I’m pleased to say that No Excuses gave him all of those things…and it really paid off.


As you probably know by now…we’re not a normal gym and we ask for a higher investment than the normal £15-50/month that most commercial gyms want you to throw away on them.


We do this because it allows us to focus on the result….the whole reason you train is to see progress and feel awesome.


We’ve built TeamCC Gym to do those 2 things…this requires a bigger investment in yourself.

But it pays off.


If you’re ready to invest in yourself, you can try us out for just £97 for our 28 Day kickstart at either of our Bournemouth or Poole gyms.

We’ll provide better results and experience than a personal trainer in your local gym for a third of the price.


Simply click this link “28 Day Kickstart Challenge” now and register your interest for an 8 Week Transformation in Bournemouth.


We’ll book a quick 15 minute phone call to figure out exactly where you’re at right now and what your goals are…then we’ll get started moving you forwards.

If you can’t train with us in person we can still help you…Jake used our Online Coaching app to complete his sessions when in London…Click HERE to see that.