Men Hitting 40 Soon – See Dan’s Transformation Results

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Men Hitting 40 Soon – See Dan’s Transformation Results

Men hitting 40 soon….Check out Dan’s Body Transformation.

At 39 years old Dan didn’t like where his health and career were going….too many bad habits had crept in and he could see things only getting worse if he didn’t make a big change and invest in himself.

He had gained a lot of weight and was feeling pretty rubbish on a daily basis.

Training in commercial gyms in Bournemouth and Poole wasn’t working for him. He tried Pure Gym and got nowhere.

Without a quality program to follow, coaching on how to do it and the accountability of a group of guys to train with he was just spinning his wheels and wasting time.

He joined TeamCC Gym in Poole and 18 months later he’s completely changed his health, mentality, performance and physique. He’s lost over 17kg of Body Fat, built some serious Strength & Fitness and had a great time doing it.

He started with our No Excuses Kickstart programme which gave him rapid visible changes in his body shape, body fat and fitness levels.

After doing that he knew he had to keep training with us to make sure his progress continued.

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