Why I Train at 5:30am

A photo of a sumo deadlift in a gym to show lifting weights and strength training

Why I Train at 5:30am

Many people ask me why I train at 5:30am. They can’t wrap their head around it….surely sleep is better? Or work?

But I’ll never struggle to make time to work, not working has an immediate cost to my life….I lose income so I can’t support my family….so I’ll always find time for that as I quite like not sleeping on the streets!

But not making time for training is different, it has much less obvious immediate negative effects. I won’t feel less fit if I don’t train today. The immediate effect will probably feel pretty good…more sleep, more relaxation or more work. But that belies the deeper negative consequences that happen when I miss that session….which is why I train at 5:30am….

I Train at 5:30am…

Not because it makes me a bad-ass….many people I know train earlier

Not because I’m stronger or fitter at that time…I feel considerably weaker

Not because I “enjoy” creeping out of the house trying not to wake the kids

And not because it’s fun…I do it alone and it can be a slog.

I do it because I have to….

Because it’s the only time that I can do it consistently…I have control at 5am

Because I value the feeling it gives me all day…a quiet sense of achievement

Because I know that small sacrifices now add up to big wins in the future

And because the cost of not doing it is so high that there’s no other option.

I’d love to train with my friends and TeamCC members at 5pm…I’m Stronger, more energised, can push harder and have a brilliant time when I do that.

But life won’t allow that right now….so I train at 5:30am.

I do it because I found a way to make it work.

You could find a way too….https://www.teamccgym.com/28-day-kickstart-challenge/