The Answer for Long Term Success in the Gym

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The Answer for Long Term Success in the Gym

Figuring out the answer for long term success in the gym should be the top priority for all gyms…

So, in a recent staff training day we spent some time thinking about how our members change over their time with us and how they attain long term success and big transformations in the gym. Our answer is the 3C’s of the member journey…

Confidence – Competence – Competition

When a new member joins us it’s probably because their confidence is lower than it should be.

That might due to their shape, health, performance level or an injury.


So their first few months with us are about building that Confidence:

Losing body fat

Building strength and fitness

Rehabilitating an injury

Building friendships and a social group in the gym.

Enjoying the process of exercising regularly


Then you unknowingly move into the Competence stage:

Suddenly you feel part of something and have solid friendships in the gym based on health & physical improvement

You feel better about your body

You start to feel “Fit” and “Strong” and have higher levels of those than most of the people you know.

You have a level of skill that means you feel good in this environment.

You start to identify as someone who “Trains”

And you look to push that….to test yourself so you can feel the buzz of achievement.


Then comes the Competitive stage:

You seek out ways to test yourself and see the results of your hard work

To further build and solidify your relationships

Because through overcoming challenge comes satisfaction

And you achieve a mental state that breeds continued effort and success in the long term.


Almost everyone I speak to prior to joining TeamCC talks about attaining this level.

Getting to the point at which looking after yourself, feeling healthy, fit and being in shape year-round is a habit. It’s part of your lifestyle and you love it.

This is what we work so hard to deliver for our members.

This journey will be longer for some and have a different scale for all…but it’s universal. We’re not saying everyone has to go crazy on the competitive side, but at some level you will want to compete and see how your hard work is paying off.

It’s simply human nature.

We’ve spent a lot of time creating the structures to allow our members to follow this journey and to help them get to a place that they’re happy with and continue to have fun while progressing in the long term.


We believe this all starts with the 28 Day kickstart. Because we know that in order for something to work in the long term, you need to get some wins in the short term…you need to see progress to fuel your motivation to stick with it.

That’s what our 28 Day Kickstart does, If you want to find out more and start your journey with us please click HERE





P.S> We also have our Online Programmes for those of you not able to attend our Gym in Poole and Bournemouth.