Strength Training for Fat Loss

Female in gym pressing a weight

Strength Training for Fat Loss

Strength Training for Fat Loss

On average I speak to 10 people per week who have applied to join one of our gyms.

One the of the most common problems they tell me about is the fact that they are consistently going to the gym and working out, but they stopped seeing any progress a LONG time ago.

They go to the gym and do classes like body pump and spin.

They do 20-30 minutes of extra cardio work 2-3 times per week.

And they might even go for a run or two as well.

But their body isn’t changing…in fact it’s usually creeping in the wrong direction…they’re gaining body fat.

It’s becoming a real problem because they feel like the only option is to do MORE training, more cardio…for longer.

But that’s simply not possible to fit into their lives and it’s such a crushing thought that they can’t bear to actually do it.

It feels like they’ve lost control of their body and have no idea how to recover it again.

Well, if this is you, then read on because I have the answer you’re looking for:


= Strength Training for Fat Loss


You see, the body is a wonderful machine.

It’s extremely talented at saving energy, at preserving effort and maintaining a status quo.

Unfortunately, for those of us who are aiming to change it, this isn’t a good thing.

And traditional Cardio plays perfectly into the hands of your body’s conservative skills.

Your 1st 30 minute run might burn 400 calories. Because it’s new and your body doesn’t know the best way to do it yet.

On the 2nd 30 minute run your body learns a little better technique and improves a fraction, so it only burn 395 calories.

On the 3rd…it’s better again…a few less calories.

On so it goes, the longer you do it, the better your body gets at it and the less calories it burns.

So you end up either getting very little from your time and efforts or you have to keep adding time to your training each week to burn the same number of total calories.


The key here is that this doesn’t happen with strength training due to the process of Progressive Overload.

The awesome thing about strength training for fat loss is that you have a huge potential to continually challenge your body in the same time frame.

If your body get’s good at squatting 60kg you and burn less energy doing it, you can simply add a little more weight and it ups the calorie burn again….

…With no extra time added to your workout.


You can also keep the pace of the session high to keep your heart rate up….you don’t have to be a powerlifter and rest for 5 minutes between sets. Strength training just means that you focus on increasing the weight over time as a success measure.

This is why we fundamentally focus on building the strength of our members on No Excuses, Strongirl and our Focus PT programs year round.

Because it’s one of the best ways for fat loss transformation that it’s simply negligent not to.

It also massively boosts your confidence, satisfaction in training and a huge array of health indicators too.

Give us a try if you like, see for yourself on our 28 Day Kickstart or Online.