3 PROVEN Ways to make Fitness part of Your Lifestyle

Group of Women in a gym completing a fitness and fat loss circuit

3 PROVEN Ways to make Fitness part of Your Lifestyle

Turning fitness from a burden and hard work to an enjoyable and consistent part of your lifestyle is one of the big goals for pretty much everyone that I speak to about joining TeamCC.

You’re trying to look after yourself and make progress…but it just feels like so much hard work.

In the 15 years I’ve been coaching I think this is because they’re lacking 3 essential components that make it so much easier:


  1. Clear Goals that Actually Mean Something to You

This is the thing that’s going to get you started. You need to have a real desire to move away from easy and comfortable into something that is actually pretty challenging.

Simply saying “I want to lose some body fat” isn’t a big enough goal. You need to understand WHY you want that goal and how you’ll feel when you’ve achieved it.

Only then will you actually have the drive to consistently make positive changes.


  1. It has to be FUN

All this hustle and grind bullsh*t makes us all think that making progress has to feel like you’re taking a cheese grater to your nipples every day….weight loss starts in the kitchen right?

Well, I’m here to tell you to put the utensils down and that, although it’s not going to be easy, it can still be fun. Surround yourself with fun people who celebrate your achievements when you train. Find fun in seeing progress and in the process of dominating challenges.


  1. Quick Results to Drive Motivation

As much as we all know that nothing really valuable is achieved quickly, we also know that you need some wins early in the process to keep you motivated to continue.

So you need to see a visible change in your body shape and you need to feel fitter and like you’re getting better at training within a few weeks.

You’ll have a foundation of motivation that says “If I’ve achieved an obvious change in only 3-4 weeks, imagine what I can achieve in a year?”. Then you’ll be in the right mindset to keep going.


We’ve worked hard to provide these 3 elements in our 28 Day Kickstart programmes:

Up to 4kg of Fat Loss and an inch off your waist.

Great people to train with that become friends

A goal setting process and long term approach to our training programs that keeps you progressing for years.


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