Scared of the Weights Area?

Female Deadlift

Scared of the Weights Area?

When I used to work in a commercial gym I would induct new female members.  All too often, they were too scared of the weights area to want me to bother showing them round it:

“I won’t be going in there, it’s way too scary”.

Which is a massive shame…because that’s where a huge part of their results were going to come from.

Little did they know, by ignoring weight training, they were essentially committing themselves to a life of drudgery on the boring cardio machines…

…and getting zero results for a lot of time invested.

At the time I was also the Strength & Conditioning Coach for the University sports teams. So I knew how incredible the results could be for women who embraced free weights and strength training as part of their fitness programme.

The changes to body fat levels, shape, fitness and confidence were enormous.

I just needed to find a way to make training with free weights seem less scary for women.

It occurred to me that the scariness was actually due to the feeling of being judged or laughed at by the people in the free weights area.

“They all look like they know exactly what they’re doing, I’ll make a fool of myself if I try it”.

So I knew I had to make sure that new members were made to feel comfortable and supported when they were first getting started.

Because if we could bring a positive experience to those 1st few sessions they’d feel so much better about it and be able to unlock all the progress they desired.

This is why we ensure that all our new members get boat loads of support and coaching when they first start. To make sure they’re shown exactly what to do and how to do it, never left to guess on their own.

And our experienced members don’t forget what it felt like to be a beginner and how much they valued the existing members helping them out…offering a hand and saying hello. So They do the same when they see a new starter. They reach out and help them if they need it.

I believe this is why our members tell us the gym feels different to the other ones they’ve tried…and that they like it.

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Cheers, Russ.