🔥Member Appreciation🔥 Diana Lost 10cm from Her Waist in 8 Weeks

A female standing in the gym with her arms folded and smiling

🔥Member Appreciation🔥 Diana Lost 10cm from Her Waist in 8 Weeks

Diana is a member of the Poole Gym 6am Strongirls. She’s made incredible progress since she started with us and I think you’d get a lot from reading her thoughts on it what she’s achieved since she joined TeamCC.

“Hi I’m Diana, I’m 27 and I’ve been training at Team CC for just over a year now😊

I used to hate training, vegetables and early mornings until I joined TeamCC but since being a member at “CC” I genuinely enjoy all 3 of those things and actually look forward to those 6am sessions.

Since joining I have lost around 10cm from my waist and just under 4kg during the 8 week challenge, achieved a PB deadlift of 97.5kg and I can finally do pull ups which have been great personal achievements🔥

P.S I also eat vegetables now thanks to the 8 week challenge 🤪

I’ve stayed at TeamCC because of the amazing girls I train with in the 6am Strongirl crew, the variety in the training programmes, the league and of course the brilliant coaching (and motivational words) from Nathan and Zac😎

I’m hoping to do a Spartan later this year but more importantly, actually complete a full league competition 💪🏽

I always leave a morning session feeling great and that is thanks fo the inspiring strongirls team and Nathan and Zac!😀

Awesome work Diana! You have come a long away since your first session! Keep killing the sessions and the nutrition 🤗

Good work to the coach’s Zac & Nathan for pushing and driving her to get great results and feel awesome 😎

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Cheers, Russ.