Which cost are You going to Pay?

A coach working with an athlete

Which cost are You going to Pay?

The Cost of Discipline is in the Present….The Cost of Comfort is in the Future.

I came across this phrase recently and it struck a chord.

Initially Discipline isn’t all that much fun.

You have to stop being comfortable

Stop taking the easy road

Often you have to separate yourself from your current company

All to do something that you don’t really feel that good at.

Versus staying comfortable, warm and cosy, eating and drinking whatever you want and just going with the flow.

The only problem is that the compound effect of the 2 options leads to 2 drastically different places.

In the long term discipline creates freedom, confidence, a healthy body and mind. Freedom to do the things you enjoy because you have the vitality to do it.

Whereas the long term effect of choosing the comfortable option every time is often a much bigger negative than the thousand tiny disciplined choices. Poor health, low energy levels and the inability to do what you enjoy.

A great coach once said you either Invest in Your Health Now with Exercise and Nutrition or Later with Medication and Surgeries….

…which would you prefer?

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