Learn What You Need to Make the Rest of 2020 the BEST Training You’ve Ever Done

See how teamcc will keep you motivated in 2020

Learn What You Need to Make the Rest of 2020 the BEST Training You’ve Ever Done

It’s fair to say that the middle of 2020 has been something we’d all like to forget and it’s left you feeling like you need to dig into your training to get some pretty drastic progress as fast as possible.


You want to:

Get your fitness back

Build your strength and muscle tone

Drop the extra body fat

Socialise and have fun again

Have something in your day that boosts your mood and leaves you feeling so much better than when you walked in.


Doing all those things alone in a big commercial gym is impossible as far as I’m concerned.

You just won’t have what you need to be able to do the things required for long enough.


And what do you need to be able to do that…..MOTIVATION, ENJOYMENT, CLARITY and CONFIDENCE that you’re in the right gym following the right programme to deliver your goals.


You want to know that all you need to do is follow the programme and the results will come.


This is exactly how we work at TeamCC….we’ve been doing that for 10 years.


The picture shows what we’ve got planned for the rest of 2020 to provide all of the factors to guarantee you get radical progress.


If you start training with us on the 17th of August you’ll be starting the best period of training you’ve ever had:

We’ll start by building up to a little Strength Mini-Peak so you can enjoy getting back into training with a barbell and get some new numbers for where you’re at right now. We’ll use those numbers to help maximise your training for the coming phases.


In September we have a Doubler-Header for you get your teeth into…

The 9 Week Transformation Challenge starts on the 7th and you’ll see an incredible change in body composition, fitness and strength…with the added motivation of prizes and deep group accountability.

And we’ll see the return of THE LEAGUE (said in a deep and slightly ominous voice)…our in house multi-event competition that will give the extra motivation and commitment you need to see what you can really achieve when you put your mind to it. Whatever your fitness level, you’ll gain massively from getting involved in this supportive 12-week series.


October marks the 10th Birthday of TeamCC, so we’ll be celebrating with 10 days of prizes that reward hard work and results!

Plus it’ll be a focussed month of awesome training, solid nutrition and fun competition to bank big progress that shows in your body, energy levels and confidence.


In November we’ll announce the 9 Week Challenge Winner and give away the Prizes.


And in December we’ll finish with the biggest LEAGUE competition that we can run and (as always) an Epic TeamCC Christmas social to finish the year in the best shape you’ve ever been in.


Everything you need is right there in front of you…

Make sure that you get yourself in the right place for Coaching, Member Support, Nutrition, Fun, Motivation and Challenges to see Huge Results before Christmas.

And you can start that process on a Half Price 28 Day Kickstart if you act fast and start your training on Monday.

Simply Register your interest by clicking HERE

We’ll book a set up call this weekend and, if everything looks good, we’ll sign you up to start on Monday.

By Christmas you’ll be a completely different person.



Russ and TeamCC.