Focus Personal Training

Specific Personal programming for Maximum Results in the Shortest Time

Focus Semi Private Personal Training in our Bournemouth & Poole gyms provides the Personal Coaching you need for Guaranteed Results in your Specific Circumstances:


Busy working Professionals who know that their Health & Fitness is a critical component of performing at their best. You have minimal time available and need the biggest return possible.


Sports Specific Programming for Competitive Athletes who know that a Science backed Strength & Conditioning programme is the difference maker in your Performance & Long Term Success.


Injury Rehabilitation Synchronised with your Health Practitioner to Continue the process once the Acute Rehab phase is complete. Continued Coaching is still required to truly re-build from the injury and Focus provides the system to do that.

When you need specific attention, detail and support…Focus Personal Training in Bournemouth & Poole Delivers.

Focus is about getting results when it takes the extra work to get there…personal screening and programming, coaching in small groups of 1-5 people to maximise attention and allowing extra freedom in training times around a busy lifestyle all guarantee that we can help you.

Focus is still about training in a team group because it brings so much extra benefit: support, motivation, fun, challenges and friendships all make it easier to train and get the results that you’re looking for…plus a whole load more.

We also deliver Personal Training Online for those that can’t make into our Bournemouth & Poole gyms. Click HERE.

See what our members have to say about it:

We could spend all day telling you how good we are, but why not see what our members have to say about us. These guys and girls have made incredible progress and we want to help you do the same.

    Garrath had terrible nerve pain on a daily basis and couldn’t do any training despite being desperate to do so.

    Now he is Completely Healed and able to train in our group programs and LOVES IT.

    Jon Came 4th at the World Masters BMX Championship and is now a British Cycling funded Athlete

    Jay had been struggling with a knee injury and a busy work schedule that meant he hadn’t been training for months.

    Within 3 months of joining TeamCC he had gained 4kg of lean muscle and his knee was feeling great again.

The Details

When Does The Trial Begin?

You start with your personal 1-2-1 screening that will be booked at a time to suit you and your coach at the earliest opportunity.

Where Are Our Gyms?

Poole: 14 St Clements Rd, BH15 3PD
Bournemouth: Richmond Gardens Shopping Centre, BH1 1EN

What Time Are The Sessions?

M/W/F 8am

M/W/F 06:00, 07:00, 08:00
M/W/Th 17:00, 18:00, 19:00

What's Included in the Trial?

Personal 1-2-1 Screening & Goal Setting with your coach

Access to 12 Small Group Coaching Sessions over 28 days.

Access to extra Team Fitness Sessions if appropriate for your goals

Full Nutrition support

What Happens After I Register My Interest?

We Text You Within 24 Hours

To book your 15 minute set up call.

The Set Up Call

We'll figure out exactly where you're at right now and what your goals are. Then I'll recommend the right programme for you.

We'll Book Your Place

If everything looks good for both of us I'll offer you a place and take the payment to confirm it.

You Join TeamCC

And we start helping you make massive progress from day 1.

Membership after the Kickstart

Once you’ve completed your kickstart you’ll have the opportunity to join the program on a membership to make progress for the long term for just £65/week or £249/month.

Register For A 28 Day Trial Now:

  • £149Billed on confirmation of your place at the end of the on-boarding phone call.
    • Join our Focus or ReBuilt Small Group Coaching Programs
    • 12 Fully Coached Sessions in 28 Days
    • Additional Team Fitness Sessions
    • Full Nutrition Support & Plans