Member Stories

We could spend all day telling you how good we are, but why not see what our members have to say about us. These guys and girls have made incredible progress and we want to help you do the same.

Before & After Results

    Garrath had terrible nerve pain on a daily basis and couldn’t do any training despite being desperate to do so.

    Now he is Completely Healed and able to train in our group programs and LOVES IT.

    Jon Came 4th at the World Masters BMX Championship and is now a British Cycling funded Athlete

    Katie knew she wanted to continue strength training when she moved to Poole in April 2018.

    She had tried Personal Training and other gyms, but it just didn’t work for her.
    In Strongirl she found the kind of support, programming and social that she was looking for to make her feel at home in a new place.She lost 2 stone and has massively changed her strength, confidence & body shape.

    Jay had been struggling with a knee injury and a busy work schedule that meant he hadn’t been training for months.

    Within 3 months of joining TeamCC he had gained 4kg of lean muscle and his knee was feeling great again.

    Polly and Kara have lost over a stone and 2 dress sizes each on the Strongirl Solution membership.

    They’ve both been to other gyms and never really found the right environment that actually helped them make progress.

    The support and help at TeamCC is exactly what they needed.

    Luke Dropped 10kg of Fat despite a Busy & Difficult Working Lifestyle.

    He said the program was “Absolutely Life Changing”

    Vicky struggled with knowing what to eat, making the time for herself and confidence in shape.

    She started in the Team Membership and moved into Strongirl to keep her awesome progress going.

    Now she’s stronger than her husband and feeling so happy about her arms, legs and fitness.

    Stu joined the No Excuses program after trying commercial gyms and randomly doing classes here, there and everywhere.

    He was getting nowhere and needed more motivation, support and structure.
    He found it with us, lost 9kg of body fat, built a load of strength….and most importantly…now feels so much happier inside and out of the gym.

    Katy has been to loads of gyms in the past and tried pretty much every style of training and diet plan available.

    None of which helped her really get in the kind of shape that meant she no longer even worried about how she looked… until she joined TeamCC.

    Now her body finally looks and feels exactly how she wants it to.

    The Strongirl training and nutrition system has helped her make real and lasting changes that have radically boosted her confidence & performance.

    James was slogging it out up to 5 times per week training “alone” in a busy commercial gym.

    But he was getting zero results for his hard work.

    In fact, he was gaining body fat since his son had been born and his frustration was building.

    He joined TeamCC for big Challenge and to jump start his training again.

    A year later he’s lost 15+kg of body fat, massively increased his strength & muscle mass and is LOVING training again.