The 13 Day Hump

2 women pushing sleds in a gym competition

The 13 Day Hump

The 13 day hump…


You know that feeling when you first start exercising again after a lay-off….

…You feel sick, weird and sore.

Your body doesn’t know what’s hit it.

“Why are you doing this to me?” it asks in the only way it can…by making you feel ropey as f**k.

But you push through….keep putting one foot in front of the other.

One rep after the other…onto the next set.

The start of week 2 feels a little better than week 1….you’re starting to build a groove.

Your body knows what to expect and you have an idea how to pace things.

….By day 13 you’re in the flow.

You start to feel under control of what’s happening…you start to be able push, not just survive.

You want to try a little harder and feel the buzz of doing more than you did last session.

That’s the 13 day hump.

Once you’re over that you have a different mentality in sessions.

You’re in a rhythm and can see how consistently doing this can help you grow and change if you stick with it.

The key is not to blast so hard in those first 13 days and not to give up before you get over the hump.

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That hump doesn’t have to be a mountain.