The Solution

…to getting Incredible Results around the Complexities and Challenges you’re Faced with Right Now

It’s been a tough few months getting through Lockdown and COVID-19.


Very little social contact and fun….loads of additional stresses and pressures from work and family…


Enforced inactivity that has led you to find comfort in food and drink.


You’re not in the place that you want to be right now and you’re feeling sluggish and out of shape.


But you’re excited to get it sorted….to have the freedom to work on yourself again…


To Build your Fitness, Strength, Energy Level and Mood.


To Socialise and spend time with great people.


To feel Healthy, Happy, Confident and Athletic.
The Solution will deliver all those things.


It’s the Hybrid coaching system that covers all bases to ensure that you can lose 0.5-1kg of body fat per week while building your fitness and strength.
These images are of varying timeframes and show the kind of progress you could make if you join TeamCC.

The Solution is a Hybrid Coaching System that fits the demands of Post-Lockdown Life Perfectly…

A combination of in gym and home workout sessions to ensure that you consistently train on programme whatever your day throws at you.

Fully programmed and coached sessions Monday to Saturday to allow you to train 3-6 times per week in our system for optimal results

Spacious and clean gyms with enough kit and more space than you could need for awesome Free Weight training sessions

The perfect balance of Strength and Fitness training to build an athletic body that performs as well as it looks

Tailored Nutrition support and meal plans to ensure that you get the body composition and health changes that you're looking for

Coach check-ins each week to give personal feedback and support to help you stay motivated, accountable and keep the results coming

A great social environment in small groups to ensure that you have fun and build relationships that keeps your motivation sky high for the long term

Money back guarantees on all programmes. If you follow the plan and don't get results we'll refund your investment

You Can Expect….

The Space You Need to Feel Comfortable

Our spacious gyms are the perfect place to train right now. We're not trying to ram them full to the rafters, we're creating an environment that our members LOVE to be in. That means you have more space than the government recommend and all the kit you need to feel great.

Full Coaching Every Session

Imagine Personal Training level coaching but as part of a small group of people on the same road as you. You'll always been shown exactly what to do and with what weight to make sure you get the best results with the least risk and maximum enjoyment.

Proven Results Driven and Fun Training Programs

We have 10 years of experience writing programs that deliver Lean, Happy, Healthy, Fit and CONFIDENT members every time. No random guesswork chucked on a white board...just...pure...results 100% of the time.

Tailored and Flexible Nutrition Plan

This is a BIG DEAL....all you see on social media is PTs who know nothing about training anyone but themselves. They eat white fish and broccoli, so why shouldn't you? But this just doesn't work...over the last 10 years we've created a PROVEN system that gives you the structure and support you need to succeed without being completely separated from your family and friends or bored out of your mind with the same limited foods.


From coaches and members to make the whole process like nothing you've ever tried before. The Team is the goal....the value that you will get from the other members in your group and programs will blow your mind. Motivation, support, socials and good times are all standard for TeamCC.

Our goal is to Create an Environment you Never want to leave and Results that Change your Life.

We believe The Solution will deliver that…but we expect you to have some questions and to want to try it out before you commit.

That’s why we start with the 28 Day Kickstart Challenge.

The goal for the 28 Day Challenge is to help you see and feel a visible change in your body shape, fitness and confidence and for you to experience what being part of TeamCC is all about….training hard, having fun, making massive progress and being boosted by those around you.

Then you’ll know that this is the place for you and we’ll offer you the chance to stay with us to continue that awesome progress.

Ready to get started? Click here to apply to talk to us now:

The Kickstart is backed by a Money Back Guarantee: If you haven’t made progress by the end of it you can have your money back.

See what our members have to say about it:

We could spend all day telling you how good we are, but why not see what our members have to say about us. These guys and girls have made incredible progress and we want to help you do the same.

    Luke Dropped 10kg of Fat despite a Busy & Difficult Working Lifestyle.

    He said the program was “Absolutely Life Changing”

    Katy has been to loads of gyms in the past and tried pretty much every style of training and diet plan available.

    None of which helped her really get in the kind of shape that meant she no longer even worried about how she looked… until she joined TeamCC.

    Now her body finally looks and feels exactly how she wants it to.

    The Strongirl training and nutrition system has helped her make real and lasting changes that have radically boosted her confidence & performance.

    James was slogging it out up to 5 times per week training “alone” in a busy commercial gym.

    But he was getting zero results for his hard work.

    In fact, he was gaining body fat since his son had been born and his frustration was building.

    He joined TeamCC for big Challenge and to jump start his training again.

    A year later he’s lost 15+kg of body fat, massively increased his strength & muscle mass and is LOVING training again.

The Details

Where Are Our Gyms?

Poole: 14 St Clements Rd, BH15 3PD
Bournemouth: Richmond Gardens Shopping Centre, BH1 1EN

What Time Are The Sessions?

Sessions are currently run Monday-Friday at:



With LIVE Team Home Workout session on Saturday at 09:00 to give you the freedom you need to train whatever your circumstances.


Sessions are currently run Monday-Friday at:



With LIVE Team Home Workout session on Saturday at 09:00 to give you the freedom you need to train whatever your circumstances.

When Does The Kickstart Begin?

Please check the 28 Day Kickstart page for the next start date.

What's Included in the Kickstart?

A Hybrid In-Gym and At-Home Coaching programme that guarantees you'll be able to get Incredible Results whatever your situation, availability or isolation status.

Up to 5 Fully Coached In-Gym Strength & Fitness Sessions and 6 LIVE Home Workout sessionsEach Week

28 Day Challenge Nutrition Program: Simple, Tasty & Filling Meals, Personal Weekly check-in, Huge Coaching Support to make sure you see & feel visible changes in 28 days

Goal Setting Call at the start and in week 3

A Great Time

What Happens After I Register My Interest?

We Text You Within 24 Hours

To book your 15 minute set up call.

The Set Up Call

We'll figure out exactly where you're at right now and what your goals are. Then I'll recommend the right programme for you.

We'll Book Your Place

If everything looks good for both of us I'll offer you a place and take the payment to confirm it.

You Join TeamCC

And we start helping you make massive progress from day 1.

Register For Your Space Now:

  • £97Billed on confirmation of your place at the end of the on-boarding phone call.
    • A Hybrid In-Gym and Home Workout Coaching system that Guarantees you’ll make Incredible progress whatever your situation
    • 3-6 Fully Coached Sessions Per Week
    • Full Nutrition Support and Plans
    • Personal Check In With Your Coach

Register For Your Place Now

The 28 Day Kickstart Comes With A

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If at the end of the 28 days you’ve followed the system and haven’t made any progress you can have your money back. We hang our hat on the progress that we help all of our members get.


Do I need to be an experienced gym go-er?

Nope, because you’re coached every session it doesn’t matter if you’ve never been in a gym before. A lot of our members start from nothing.

What happens after the 28 days?

If it’s a good fit we’ll offer you the chance to stay with us to help you make progress in the long term. Most members opt for the annual monthly membership at £125/month so that we can set and smash some real achievable and life changing goals.

When are the Start Dates for the Kickstart?

Please check the 28 Day Kickstart page for the next start date.

How much is the 28 day kickstart?


What time are the sessions?

Sessions are currently run Monday-Friday at:


With LIVE Team Home Workout session on Saturday at 09:00 to give you the freedom you need to train whatever your circumstances.


Sessions are currently run Monday-Friday at:


With LIVE Team Home Workout session on Saturday at 09:00 to give you the freedom you need to train whatever your circumstances.

Where are the gyms?

Poole – BH15 3PD and Bournemouth – BH1 1EN.

The Kickstart is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee

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